"The main thing about intuitive design is that it's invisible. Design is intuitive when users can focus on a task at hand without stopping even for a second"

 Hi, my name is Bojan, and I'm designing Web sites since 2003,  when I designed my first one for company called  B-2 TECH.
My profession is PHP web programming. I worked on many projects in collaboration with my colleagues. Here are shown only the works I did alone.

My favorite build technique is HTML combined with CSS and jQuery.
I work also with PHP, and all free PHP based CMS systems,
depending on client wishes and requirements.
I also design complete visual identities for clients, logo, colors,
font selection and I integrate it all to the new Web page.

I always put my effort on intuitive design because after all the
Web must have usability and purpose. Every page I design has clean code, so they get picked up quickly by search engines.
All my Web pages have unique design and on every new project
I use the new build techniques so all new Web pages are always up to date.

When you want a unique intuitive, and code clear Web page don't hesitate to contact me!